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   SUNDAY, December 29, 2013



        Carroll's first guest is Charles Canamar, who tells us he is a veteran who had his legs amputated at Tripler. He says  he has been waiting for prosthetic legs for the past two years, but has been ignored by Tripler.    This week he is in Kailua trying to get the President's attention to help him get his new legs.  Normally he is in the Salt Lake area.   Maybe you can help.      Read more about his story here.




        Carroll talks about reasons why Gary GIll is not qualified and should not be Interim Director of the State Department of Health.    He also talks about why Governor Abercrombie, the State Legislature,  the DLNR, the DHHL, and others are not getting anything worthwhile done.   

        The second hour Carroll talks with Ben Char about problems he is having with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands regarding land leased from DHHL in Waimanalo.   He is about to lose his 501(c)3 horse riding center for disabled children due to issues with his lease.   His situation illustrates how dysfunctional DHHL is, and their disparate treatment of some of the beneficiaries they are supposed to help.    

        Char agrees he has not been in compliance due to delinquencies that he is trying to correct, and  because he has some equipment stored on his property.   The equipment is there because he is trying to help people, which is something he has been doing for many years.    Char notes that one of the reasons he is not in compliance is because DHHL rules have changed over the years.   Instead of helping correct the situation by allowing him to clean up his property and make his payments current, the DHHL has singled him out and is coming down hard, even refusing to take his checks for lease payments and losing his permits and insurance paperwork.    Now his friend, Alan Silva, who is subleasing part of the property, is trying to take over.   It looks like DHHL is working with Silva to get the land, even though Silva is also part of the problem.    It should  be noted that Keith "Kika" Bukowski, a former legislator,  is storing his boat on Silva's part of the property.  Bukowski is now communicating  directly with DHHL Commissioner Joe Tassill, in support of Silva, and it looks like Joe Tassill  may be acting unethically as an agent and messenger for Silva and Bukowski.    Is that part of the problem Char is having with DHHL?   

        Char's situation is just one more example of how the DHHL is not helping some of the people, while other tenants with reported lease violations are forgiven or ignored.   If you  want to talk with Char about his problems,  he can be reached at 259-9099.  


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