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   SUNDAY, January 10, 2016


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          January 10, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

          Carroll tells us about the January 7, 2016, gas leak on Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City, Oahu, that caused major delays in traffic and prevented people from leaving the area for up to six hours  because a nearby parking lot was closed.   This is the real impact of a situation caused by the rail project not taking care to do their job properly with due diligence.   What was the total cost, not just for the rail project, but to nearby businesses that lost customers or closed,  and people who could not get to work and other appointments.  Carroll was also stuck at Pearlridge and caught some of the stories shared by people impacted.  

          In previous shows Carroll told us this may happen, and it will probably happen again.   Note the spray of gas in the picture.   It could have been a huge disaster. We were particularly lucky this time.    Knowing how many utilities are buried in this area, along  with the rest of the rail route, we can assume many more utilities have not have been properly identified.  Maybe more precaution should be taken each time they start digging.   Kiewit is the contractor responsible for this portion of the route,  barely cut the surface before they hit the pipe.  With all the technology available, surely they can take a better look before plunging in.    What were all the exploratory holes being dug at the beginning of the project for, if not to clearly identify what was buried beneath the route?    There are many abandoned fuel lines around Pearl Harbor.   What will happen next?

          Callers discuss the rail with Carroll.  They also discuss the politicians, the people, and  why things are not getting done and costs going up.


                                               Oh oh, what happened here?

                                                      Shut Down


                                         Closed - and no way out

                                                            Stop, don't go this way


                                       A little hole,  a big problem     


                                                           Rail going up   

          Next Monday is Martin Luther King Day.   A bell ringing ceremony takes place Sunday, May 17, at St. Andrews Cathedral,  4:30 pm.   The annual parade starts Monday morning, 9:00 am, at Magic Island, followed by  an all day celebration at Kapiolani Park.









                                   Gas leak on Kamehameha Highway while digging for rail project

                                                                 Nobody hurt this time





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