SUNDAY, January 1, 2012



      Carroll  talks about the resignation of  Patty Teruya from her job as Special Events Coordinator for the City of Honolulu due to ethics violations.   The handling of the situation only highlights the political manipulation of the Ethics Commission and the lack of clear news reporting in Hawaii.   We need to get the truth out.   Carroll explains it all here, today.

      A number of people, including Carroll,  filed complaints about Teruya's questionable activities and behavior.  Witnesses were on notice to testify in her contested case, originally set for September, 2011.  Instead, it was delayed and, in early December, effective December 31, Teruya was allowed to "settle out" and resign  with no admittance of wrongdoing.   She "walked away" while other violators, such as Rod Tam and Rene Mansho, were forced out in disgrace and given jail time.  Yesterday, on a slow news day, the Star Advertiser  published a long, but incomplete story that did not give the whole picture.   They highlighted her personal use of city computers and email, but glossed over the use of her position to benefit her friends and herself.  Her political activities, and  her questionable involvement with various campaigns, including her own were barely mentioned.    In particular, she was a force behind the election of politicians such as Mayors Hannemann and Carlisle, and former deputy city prosecutor Don Pacarro,  who ran for office as city prosecutor last year.    Pacarro is now her lawyer on the ethics case.

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        Behind the Mask




      United at last - Early this morning four couples were legally joined together in the first Civil Union Ceremony in Hawaii.  Read the story, see pictures and watch the ceremony here.



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