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   SUNDAY, December 23, 2012


          Carroll talks about the roots of poverty and being homeless, and how the current "system" contributes to the problem.  There are as many stories as there are people, and often it is survival of the fortunate, not survival of the fittest.  By better understanding what happened in the past to trigger this, we may be able to move forward in the future.  Carroll wonders how much of the money designated by the government and nonprofits for the homeless and others is actually used to help.

          The second hour Carroll talks about Ms. Polly Grace, who, for 25 years, has organized the big Keiki O' Ka'aina Christmas Party.  This year it was held  at Kalaleo Raceway Park, with about 1,200 homeless and the less fortunate attendees.    Link here to story and pictures.    

          Carroll also talks about Pam Burns and the Hawaiian Humane Society's reaction to the six-month sentence for animal cruelty given to a puppy mill manager.   Pam Burns blames the "faulty judicial system" without considering the Humane Society's role in the investigation and their handling of the case.  Carroll and callers debate the issues.


                               This is what Christmas is all about!


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