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   SUNDAY, December 22, 2013



        Carroll talks about doing what's right.   Thanks to all of you who helped us out this year!   And, thanks to our many listeners and those who called in to voice their opinions.    The people are talking and the government is starting to listen.

        A big issue in the past  (listen to 4/25, 5/2 and 5/9/2010)  was a discussion of former  Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona's, and other Hawaiian politicians',  involvement with ITN, the International Transformation Network.   ITN is a big supporter of the Ugandan government,  and Aiona is on record supporting ITN in Uganda.   Uganda has just passed legislation making it a crime, with life imprisonment,  for being gay, and for "committing sex offenses between consenting adults".   The bill,  now waiting for the President's signature, has been in the works for several years and even started out  proposing the death penalty for convictions.    It is rumored that  Duke Aiona is once again considering running for office in Hawaii, so should we be concerned?   Former Governor Mufi Hannemann may also run for office.    Remember his problems with corruption, misinformation  and bullying?   Don't forget the past, and pay close attention to those who run for office in the future.  

        Other topics include Mayor Caldwell's advertisement announcing property taxes will be significantly higher next year because property values have increased.   But, rates are arbitrarily set by the government, so is that a valid statement?   Some of our officials even benefit from lower taxes because of  "historical property" rates, so what do they care?    How many of our tax dollars are wasted?   We all know the answer to that.

        Next, Carroll tells us about a stream in Waipahu that is polluted with an unknown milky substance, causing fish to gasp for air.  This week he tried calling several city and state agencies to check it out. Once again each agency said it was the other agency's problem and walked away, even though endangered coots, gallinules and  stilts frequent the area, and it is a critical habitat.    This is just one more example of how our tax dollars "work".   Furthermore, there have been several cases of workers caught not working this year.   We need to start holding the government accountable without retaliation against those who report problems.  

        Veterinarian Jill Voeks called in about Sunset Elementary School's extermination of a cat colony on neighboring property because the cats got into their cafeteria  (through a hole in the building that can be repaired).   Dr. Voeks proposed alternatives to extermination, but the school and the exterminator have not responded.   The cats are neutered and treated for parasites, and are needed to control rodents in the area.   Dr. Voeks asks that you call the school (638-8777) to suggest they repair the hole in the cafeteria and let the cats  live.

        The final topic is the dysfunctional state of the  Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.   For several years George Grace has had issues he is trying to get resolved with the DHHL.    At the last minute, two days before this week's meeting,  he was told he was on the agenda for a hearing.    However, before his case came up several of the commissioners left the meeting.   He was then told there was not a quorum, so they could not vote on his case.   This happens over and over again.    It is becoming obvious that this is an intentional act to defraud the people.    

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