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   SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2016


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    December 18, 2016,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   

    Carroll starts the show talking with a caller about the demolition of the University Square shopping center at King Street and University Avenue.   Neighbors are concerned about the dust flying around and the rain runoff because there is not a lot of protection for the public.     They tell us air conditioners and fluorescent lights are  being crushed, illegally releasing toxins into the atmosphere.    Mounds of debris are accumulating instead of being hauled away and bags of asbestos can be seen In a dumpster.  When contacted by neighbors, a neighbor reported the Department of Planning and Permitting told her to call  the Department of Health, Clean Air Branch.  The neighbor further reports she was told by  the Clean Air Branch that they can only give warnings.  The caller then tells us she learned there is only one inspector for the whole state, and she was told a timely review to check the asbestos situation is not possible.    The caller is asking neighbors and concerned citizens to call the Mayor about the demolition.      Note: The red bin in the pictures below contains what we believe to be bags of asbestos.      Link here to our story on HawaiiNewsNow, 12/19/16.

    Carroll's guest today is Attorney Jan Weinberg.  The first hour they discuss some of the reasons why Hawaii has so many problems with government agencies, why it is so hard to contact government workers about issues, and why it is so hard to get information or results.

    The second hour Jan Weinberg talks with Keli'i Akina, recently elected to OHA as trustee-at-large by defeating a long-time incumbent.  This was a big win, and Akina notes over 70 percent of ballots were marked during this election.  Normally it is only around 50 percent.      Akina's message was that OHA matters.  He got the message out and the people responded.   In fact, Akina tells us he received an unprecedented number of votes for any election, and wants to thank everyone who participated in the election to make it happen.  

    Today Akina talks about what he wants to do at OHA to help the Hawaiian people with jobs, homes and health care.  Akina says OHA could do their job so much better if they were not spending all their time and money on their agenda for nation building.   He also talks about OHA's relationship, as a state agency,  with the Hawaii state government,  and their relationship with the federal government in their effort to gain recognition.    To contact Dr. Akina, send an email to kelii@keliiakina.com.    Dr. Akina can also  be seen every Monday at 2 p.m.  on ThinkTech Hawaii on OC16.   


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