SUNDAY, December 4, 2011


      Carroll's guest is Elliot Ackerman, COO of Americans Elect 2012, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization  not affiliated with any political party, ideology or candidate.   Their goal is to nominate a presidential ticket that answers directly to voters—not the political system.   It is funded  by individual contributions—not corporate, labor, special interest, foreign, or lobbyist sources.  Americans Elect is the first nominating process that will be led directly by voters like YOU.  Their website gives individual citizens the ability to participate, come to a consensus and nominate candidates to run as a nonpartisan party on the ballots of all 50 states.   

      Their website,  www.americanselect.org,  has a lot of information about various politicians, including their stand on many of the issues important to the American people.   It is a valuable tool for researching and comparing candidates, and determining where your choice actually stands on the issues based on information gathered from aggregated voting records as well as specific responses received  from the candidates.    The site also has an option for you to answer the questions which  will then be matched to the politician's record to determine who is closest to you in values.

      The second hour Carroll talks about Governor Abercrombie's  leadership and administration, citing problems with cover ups at the state's Department of Health.   Contaminates were found in the soil  in the housing area of Hickam Air Force Base.  Instead of cleaning it up, the Department of Health raised allowable levels.  But, the adjustment only applies to this one, particular area. Even though employees within the DOH questioned the action, it was allowed to go through.   The reason - families will only be living there three years.  Does that make sense?     Although we have documentation, Gary Gill would not appear on our show or respond to our questions.


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