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   SUNDAY, December 1, 2013



        Carroll first talks about the article in today's StarAdvertiser regarding billing problems at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.    The stories and excuses continue, and are constantly changing.  Carroll first reported some of this information months ago, but the BWS is just getting around to admitting their new computer system caused some of the problems.   But, it is always part of the story and the half-truths that get dribbled out by BWS.

        Carroll wonders where Mayor Caldwell is.  Why isn't he involved in fixing the big mess?  Could it be because he can collect more sewer fees due to the overbilling?    Carroll also tells us how emergency contractors and friends can make a lot of money due to problems such as this one at the BWS,  and the non-working city trash trucks he discussed on previous shows.     Have you noticed city trash trucks on the road, sold to and refurbished by private haulers?  There is a story behind those trucks too.

        A caller wonders how we can find solutions.   Holding people accountable is a start.  Vote carefully and make your voice heard.

        The second hour Carroll discusses the first gay marriages that will take place tonight, at midnight. Contrary to how it looked in the news media, many churches, such as the First Unitarian Church, supported the gay marriage bill and they are ready to go.   Carroll talks with the Reverend Jonipher Kupono Kwong, who says,  "This is true freedom of religion and the celebration of love between two people.  Let's put our differences aside and get back to the real issues."     Reverend Kwong is getting married tonight and is very excited  he can now be in front of the minister instead of officiating at marriage ceremonies.   Link to their their press release here.  Visit the Unitarian Church's website at http://www.unitariansofhi.org. They are a community-based church, welcoming all people of all religions.

        The first civil ceremony in Hawaii took place nearly two years ago, providing some access to state's rights. Tonight the first real marriage between loving couples will take place, providing equal rights for all.   History happens here.

         The first civil ceremony shortly after midnight, January 1, 2013.



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          Update on the molasses spill (or not).  The U.S. Coast Guard just sent a letter saying  they would be responding to my questions.   The State of Hawaii still has nothing to say.    Something is wrong.  Is there more to it, and are they preventing the public from knowing the real truth?