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   SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2013



        Carroll's guests are Attorney Melodie Aduja and Mr. Courtney  Brown, a foreclosure expert.   They talk about how homeowners got caught up in the mortgage crisis, and what to do if you are one of them.    First, Mr. Brown notes that  there are many scam companies who want to help you, but they may not be much help and could do you a lot of harm.    A company may be suspect if they ask you to pay for their services up front.   Do not panic, and do your research first.    Loans can be modified and non-profit agencies can help.  Also, you may not always lose your house if declaring bankruptcy.  A good attorney will be a big help.

        You can chat with Mr. Brown about modifying your loan, and what else you can do to save your house, by calling him at 537-4111.  His non-profit company is Hawaii Homeowners Solutions, Inc.  

        As soon as you get the first notice of foreclosure you must take action.  If you wait, it may be too late to do anything.  The first task is to find out who holds your note.  Legally, that company is the only one that can foreclose.   Contact your lawyer, or call Attorney Melodie Aduja at 258-8889, email adujalaw@gmail.com for more information.

        Why you may want to consider mortgage assistance:

        •   You are upside down
        •   You are behind in payments
        •   Your mortgage is too high
        •   Your mortgage closed between 2000 – 2008
        •   You have an option ARM
        •   You are in foreclosure
        •    You are in the Military– and you need to protect your security clearance
        •   You have a house inprobate


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