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   SUNDAY, November 9, 2014


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        Carroll talks about how grant money from HUD is being misused and abused by the City of Honolulu.   Although a recent grant was misused, and was supposed to be returned, the HUD funds are now being redirected to build a fire station in Hauula, an office for affordable housing staff, and a shower for the homeless (as reported in the StarAdvertiser).   Choon James calls in to tell us the community has been protesting the proposed location and jumbo size of the fire station for several years, while so many homeless in the community are not being helped.    Hauula is a small, rural community.  Many local citizens wonder why the fire station isn't being built in Laie, closer to where big development is taking place.  The fire station should be part of the infrastructure and paid for by the developers, not by tax money paid by all of us.   

        Link here to our shows of 6/27/10 and 12/19/10, where Choon James and others first discussed the proposed fire station and its impact on the community.

        Link here to our show from 1/12/14 regarding HUD and the city's sale of affordable housing.

        The discussion continues with a discussion about how federal and state money is being used,  the pathetic treatment of the homeless, and our entire political system.   Who is monitoring and taking care of our state and its people?    We question all our politicians, from the U.S. Senate on down.

        Carroll suggests calling Mark Chandler, the Office of Community Planning and Development at HUD, and ask questions.  The phone number is 808-457-4678.   

        WARNING:  A very dangerous traffic situation has been created by the state.   See the below pictures.  Highway workers placed a sign notifying oncoming traffic on Kamehameha Highway that roadwork was being done ahead.  The sign blocks the view of oncoming traffic from drivers making a right turn from Lanikahana onto the highway.   Drivers are forced to stop, risking being rear-ended by drivers behind them who usually turn right on red without stopping.    Now, even those who do stop must creep out into the intersection to see what traffic is coming or risk being hit by a car they cannot see on the other side of the sign.      Please be careful.  

              UPDATE 11/10/14 -  SAFE AGAIN!    After calling the State Department of Transportation today, the sign was immediately moved off to the side of the road.   Thanks for the prompt response!


          Here is where the sign was for about a week:


                           STOP, LOOK and LISTEN


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                                                          Traffic control needed










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        They have been neutered or spayed, and they are litter box trained.   Now, all  they need is your love.  Who can resist a new kitten?


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