SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2010


      Carroll talks with Choon James and KC Connors about the Envision Laie Development Plan.  Is it too big?  Too political?

      Here is what the community is saying "Mega-development is in the works with new homes, a big Marriott Hotel planned next door to the Polynesian Cultural Center, and expansion at Turtle Bay.  The Polynesian Culture Center has lost its local vision, becoming an amusement park staffed by students from China and the mainland, with cheap crafts made in Asia."  

      "Yes, a hotel is needed, and wanted, but not on the scale Marriott is envisioning.  Development is good, but massive development will damage both the tourist and film industry, destroying the vision of Hawaii both tourists and locals are looking for".  

      For more info call Choon at 808-293-8888, email at


    Keep the country country

    MORE INFO:  Carroll talks about two city workers taking a  trip to Minneapolis, with their wives, to visit a garbage truck factory. The vendor paid for the tickets and their supervisor requesed  a "hotel next to Mall of America with easy transportation to the Vikings game".  How do taxpayers benefit  and why do the wives need to understand how trash trucks are built?  Will they really pay back the vendor for the wive's tickets, or will it become just another "perk"?.  Here is the memo!

    He also discusses how the Ethics Commission handled his complaint regarding Djou's business trip to Japan with his son.   Attached is the Ethics Commission opinion and Toto's email asking that Djou's name be removed from any documents regarding the opinion.






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