SUNDAY, November 6, 2011


      Carroll's first guest is Rebecca Woodland, author of  The Blonde Vegetarian.  They discuss  Operation Christmas Child -  Samaritan's Purse.     Fill up a shoe box with fun and useful items appropriate for a child in need.  The box can be dropped off at a designated site listed at  http://www.samaritanspurse.org  or call Central Union Church at 941-0957.  The website includes many ideas of what to put in boxes.

      Rebecca has edited a new, just published,  step-by-step cookbook entitled Hawaii Regional Cuisine,  Look for it soon - it is full of healthy recipes using local ingredients.  She also teaches cooking classes at Castle Wellness Center.   Her cookbook, The Blonde Vegetarian, can be found locally at Sam's Club, or visit her website www.theblondevegetarian.com.

      The second hour Carroll talks with Dr. William Bolman and Jessica Wong, Directors of the Autism Society of Hawaii,  about the history of, and increase in cases of autism in children.   Visit the Autism Society of Hawaii's website for more information.  Dr. Bolman  discusses possible causes of autsim,  and what is being done to provide for family services and support.  Based on statistics from other countries that do not have child vaccination programs, it looks like vaccinations are not the problem. Research is still being done on the real cause.  For more information, or to volunteer, call Rebecca at 394-7320.




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