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   SUNDAY, October 27, 2013


        Carroll  starts the show with a discussion about the special legislative session on gay marriage.  Some churches, and in particular, leaders such as Bishop Silva, are vehemently opposed to gay marriage, claiming "the people of Hawaii" are against it. But, not all churches are against it, and how are the churches counting "the people"? Silva is misrepresenting the Bible and preaching hate.  Is this the Christian way?   Why are churches against civil rights for all people when they preach universal brotherhood? . Marsha Joyner and other callers debate the issues with Carroll.

        The second hour Carroll talks about behind the scene selection of  contractors and contracts issued for the new computer system installed at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.    The system is rife with problems, sending out inaccurate and estimated bills to a large percentage of customers.   Although the BWS claim the billing problems are due to using the  "vanilla", base system because they did not want the expense of maintaining a  customized system,  millions of dollars of change orders were issued to the contractors.   What was this?    Also a contract for approximately four million dollars was issued to replace batteries in the meters   What are we paying for?

        Next Carroll talks with Nani Giltner about sex trafficking of young girls in Hawaii, and particularly in Waikiki.    Courage House Hawaii is part of a worldwide organization working to stop this, and  to provide safe houses for girls they rescue, some as young as 9 years old.     When arrested, girls are traumatized and often treated as criminals, not the victims they are.  Courage House wants to change this.   You can contact the local office at 445-3131, or the international office at 888-373-7888.    Also, see their website at  www.courageworldwide.org/hawaii


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          Update on the Matson Molasses Spill:    We have learned indirectly that Mr. Chris Lee, the Safety Manager for Matson,  is also an active duty reserve officer for the U.S. Coast Guard.   We sent a list of questions to Mr. Lee regarding  the spill, and the possibility of a conflict of interest while representing both Matson and the Coast Guard investigating the spill. Neither Matson nor Chris Lee has answered our questions (see attached).     Did,  and is,  Masdon benefiting from Mr.Lee's affiliation with the Coast Guard?  When the Coast Guard was in town he could not stop talking.  Now,he will not talk or answer our questions.   What are they hiding?