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   SUNDAY, October 20, 2013


        Carroll and guest Wayne Kobashigawa, a recreational fisherman,  talk about the deplorable condition of the Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor on the Island of Kauai, operated by the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation.    Even the sign says "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK".      The problem starts when entering and leaving the harbor from the main highway.  It starts with the fact there is no turnout lane from the main highway.   It is extremely hard to merge into traffic when trailing a boat.   Lately there have been a number of commercial tourist boats using the harbor, increasing the traffic problem.    Next, the road is full of potholes, and some have rebar poking out that will severely damage tires.   Of course, the small rest room, used by hundreds of tourists a day, is inadequate and in deplorable condition.   The picnic pavilion is also a danger - with exposed electrical wires and rebar.  The dock is falling apart.    The harbor needs dredging.    Boaters are required to buy a sticker to use the harbor, and they, as well as the tourists pay taxes.  Where is the money going?      Link here to pictures

        Next, Carroll gives more examples about problems with Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, including what is happening on the Island of Kauai.  Hawaiians have filed complaint after complaint, including documentation, but nothing gets fixed.    The Anahola Hawaiian Homestead area is a case in point.  This illustrates the many examples of violations, discrimination, unfair and unequal treatment, and retaliation found in the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and other areas of our government.   "Problems" with Robin Danner's property on Kauai were heavily documented by Governor Abercrombie's administration, possibly because she opposed Jobie Masagatani's appointment as head of DHHL.  (We are contacting Ms. Danner so she can tell her side of the story.)   As discussed in some of our other shows, other lessees with complaints and violations are not being investigated.    Listen as Carroll explains.   


                                                   One of the good things about Kauai


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                           State sign at Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor, Kauai.  



                           It starts here with the dangerous turn into and out of the harbor

                                                 Link here to see the rest of the story

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          Update on the Matson Molasses Spill:    We have learned indirectly that Mr. Chris Lee, the Safety Manager for Matson,  is also an active duty reserve officer for the U.S. Coast Guard.   We sent a list of questions to Mr. Lee regarding  the spill, and the possibility of a conflict of interest while representing both Matson and the Coast Guard investigating the spill. Neither Matson nor Chris Lee has answered our questions (see attached).     Did,  and is,  Masdon benefiting from Mr.Lee's affiliation with the Coast Guard?  When the Coast Guard was in town he could not stop talking.  Now,he will not talk or answer our questions.   What are they hiding?