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   SUNDAY, October 12, 2014


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        Carroll talks about issues regarding the rail project, HART, and the Hawaii Stadium Authority.   The land the stadium is on was obtained from the military with deed restrictions regarding recreational use of the site into perpetuity.      An audit is very specific regarding land use, but HART says they do not agree with it and they are continuing on with the rail project, as usual.     Carroll is concerned current activities for the rail  project do not conform with the deed restrictions, but he still needs to discuss the situation with the Department of the Interior.

         HART currently has an agreement to use four acres for the rail project, including storing equipment and material to build the rail.  They will also be building a station and parking facilities on the site.  Is that compatible with the restrictions?    Also, the soil in the area is heavily contaminated and will need to be cleaned up.  Additional infrastructure may also be needed.    Why didn't HART resolve the issues before starting the project, and can they even be resolved?  How much will the additional work cost the taxpayers?    

        Link here to "Investigation of the Stadium Authority’s Swap Meet Operations", March 2012

        Link here to "Aloha Stadium Comprehensive Site Summary", June 26, 2014

        Link here to response and documents provided by HART and the Hawaii Stadium Authority.










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