SUNDAY, October 9, 2011


      A Circle of Friends

       Carroll talks about the recent resignation of a number of Abercrombie's staff and what may be behind the situation.     

      The attached work plan, put together by Environet, Inc., relates to the Army Corps of Engineers removal of munitions but makes no reference to an emergency.  The document was created under a contract dated 11/30/10 and published 9/2/11.

      Environet, Inc. is involved with the munitions removal being done by the Army Corps of Engineers under Governor Abercrombie's emergency proclamation. Documents show Joseph Pickard of Environet,  and other Pickards associated with his business SeaHawaii, or sharing the same address, made major contributions to Abercrombie's campaign.      

      Work Plan  -  "Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Services Contract for Munitions & Explosives of Concern"  

      Appendices to work plan

      See the  attached FBI document, issued 10/4/11,   "Two U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Employees and Two Others Indicted in $20 Million Bribery and Kickback Scheme Involving Government Contracts".   Sound familiar? 

      Who, What, Where, When and How ???  There's more behind the proclamation than just removing munitions.  

      Carroll also discusses the Molokai Big Wind Project and the Occupy Wall Street protests on Oahu with various callers.





      THE FALL


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