SUNDAY, October 2, 2011



      Carroll and Eric Ryan continue their discussion about the disarray of the Republican Party in Hawaii, first discussed on our shows in July and August.  After the party chairperson resigned this week, several news stories told us about the many problems within the party and with the Republican politicians.  However, when we discussed it on our shows several months ago the party strongly denied any problems exist.  

      Eric was once a party insider but was let go for trumped-up reasons.  He knows the real story and shares a press release and letter he wrote to party officials on November 10, 2010, after the Republicans were badly beaten in the election.   The letter spells out the reasons the party has so many problems.  Also attached is a letter the party sent out to its workers denying Ryan's information.

      Also, for your entertainment,  link here to Eric's web spoof of the party.  



      Jonah leaves the party


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