SUNDAY, September 25, 2011



      Carroll and his guests,  Christin Matsushige of the Hawaii Cat Foundation and Kim Williams,  talk about  the advantages of TNR - the TRAP, NEUTER AND RETURN program  - that  humanely reduces populations of feral cats and lost/abandoned pets.  

      On 11/5/2011 The Wildlife Society and Fish and Wildlife Service are holding an anti-TNR workshop on the Big Island on how to protest and undermine TNR activities.   Read more about it and sign a petition protesting  the seminar.  A  second petition is at change.org.

      For more information, the Hawaii Cat Foundation's website is  www.hicat.org.   They can also be reached at 688-8822.    Email hawaiicatfoundation@yahoo.org or  hawaiicommunitycats@gmail.com   to get a list of low- cost spay/neuter clinics, including Cat Friends,  Animal Care Foundation,  and the city's Neuter Now program.

      The  last 20 minutes of the show Carroll  brings us up to date on a number of issues including internal problems with the Hawaii GOP that are now coming out, but discussed by Eric Ryan on several of our shows in July.  He then discusses the article about William Aila published in the 9/23 Star Advertiser stating that not posting the proclamation suspending environmental laws  was a "mistake".   He also discusses Lee Cataluna's comments in the 9/25 Star Advertiser about Abercrombie's Paris vacation, comparing Abercrombie to Mufi Hannemann who "travels local".  However, Mufi recently went to and wrote about his vacation in Africa....    Is Cataluna starting political commentary in preparation for our next election?




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