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   SUNDAY, September 18, 2016


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        September 18, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

        Carroll's guest is Keli'i Akina, Ph. D., a candidate for the position of Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) Trustee-at-large.    Dr. Akina tells us how OHA affects everyone and everything in Hawaii.  This election will have a big impact on the future of Hawaii, for both Hawaiians and locals alike.   

        Akina notes OHA mismanagement has wasted 33 to 50 million dollars on trying to create a race-based nation the people do not want.  He states that money could have been spent on housing, education and jobs for Hawaiian people and others.   

        Why are they so intent on sovereignty?   Akina tells us there are nine trustees, and the current majority of five want a sovereign nation so they can "build a wall of towers" on their Kakaako waterfront land that will be higher than the Honolulu zoning limits.  He also tells us they want to gain exclusive control of any future gambling operations.  OHA as a sovereign nation can do this because they will no longer be under the control of current laws.   However, their goals will not directly benefit the Hawaiian people, and he tells us why.  

        Akina also says he is concerned about the waste, fraud and abuse at OHA and wants to fix it.  OHA hired a firm to do an audit, but they never released the results.   If elected, he will call for a complete, independent audit of activities for the last 20 years.  

        Akina urges everyone to vote AKINA for trustee-at-large, and Mililani Trask for the Big Island trustee.    If Akina and Trask are voted in, and join with the three minority members of OHA currently in office, they will become the new majority.   This swap in power will open the way to make changes for the benefit of the people, including land use, housing, education, and jobs.    

        Everyone can, and should vote because this election will affect everyone's future.   Listen to our show and find out why.    In the last election only forty percent of the voters who actually voted, voted for OHA trustees.   Akina wants to get everyone informed and involved so they can make a good decision and make a vote that counts.  

        For more information, visit Keli'i Akina's website at www.keliiakina.com   


        Carroll and Keli'i Akina broadcasting from the KWAI 1080 AM studio





        The Associated Press just published a story, reposted in the Star Advertiser on 9/8/16, regarding illegal aliens on Hawaii fishing boats.   However, this is a story we researched back in 2000.  

        We first reported our story, "Aliens & Fishermen - Sweatin' it out",  in the September, 2000, edition of Hawaii Fishing News.  We also posted it on our website, envirowatch.org.     Link here to our story.

        The Immigration and Naturalization Service looked into the issues, and in 2002 the Honolulu StarBulletin wrote a story, "Foreign Fishermen Barred from Isles".    Link here to their story.  












                                                                                         The wide web of influence and power  




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