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   SUNDAY, September 8, 2019



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    September 8, 2019,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  

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     Carroll talks about the TMT protest.
    Carroll notes, the TMT protest is not about a single issue, it is a "billboard" opportunity for Hawaiians to make their case about the many issues the Hawaiian community is facing, how they have been treated in the past, and how they want to go forward from here.  
    Carroll has been researching and reporting on the protest and how the University of Hawaii and the telescope group have been bad stewards of the land.   See Carroll's past shows starting 7/21/19 (Link to list of shows).
    The second hour Carroll talks about  several suicides by conservation officers in the Department  of Land and Natural Resources.  Carroll is concerned about what is causing the problem and why it is being kept quiet.  Hopefully, officers can get the care and counseling if needed.
    Carroll also talks about a Red Hill oily sludge dump that is seeping up in a Halawa parking lot.  We first reported the sludge in the parking lot in 2014, but nothing has been done about it.   It is still there, now there is even more, and it is slowly making its way downhill towards streams and the ocean.  Why isn't the state doing anything about it?   Carroll explains why oily sludge may have been generated by the Red Hill fuel tank facility that is uphill from the parking lot.   Carroll reviews documents talking about past spills from the Red Hill fuel tank facility, so it is within reason that this may also be from the fuel tank facility.     

                                             Sludge in 2014   


                                                  Sludge in 2019












                                                                                                    Ocean Spray  













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      To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email  carroll@carrollcox.com.     

      Join Carroll on www.envirowatch.org to view some of the environmental and corruption issues he investigated, and resolved, in the past.  You will also find him on YouTube at cox7826627 and on  facebook.  


      Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on Olelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
      Link here to a list of his shows.  They can also be viewed on  Olelo video on demand.  

















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