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          September 04, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

          Carroll's guest is Cathy Goeggel, President of  Animal Rights Hawaii.  They talk about the Honolulu Zoo and animal welfare.  The first concern is the death of Rosey the Hippo and what happened to her companion.   After spending three million dollars on an upgraded Hippo exhibit, it has been closed for two years and is still not finished.   The remaining hippo is hidden behind a barrier around the old elephant exhibit.     




                               New hippo exhibit has been closed for two years  

                            Zoo's hippo is living unseen, behind this fence

          Now the zoo has lost its accreditation.  Rusti the Orangatan has a nice enclosure due to the public's outrage over his previous small cage, and he is now the star of the zoo.   However, Cathy tells us her organization is concerned about the elephants and chimpanzees.  She notes they  are looking very unhappy in their boring environment.   Cathy reviewed the Animal Inspection and Zoo Accreditation reports that noted problems with water quality and maintenance.   Also noted in the reports was the inability of the Zoological Society to raise funds for the zoo, and in fact are not performing the functions for which they were created.  The report notes the Zoological Society is top heavy with management.  It has lost its intent and purpose of supporting the zoo in favor of supporting their staff.
          Cathy says zoos are past their prime and usefulness.     Maybe there are better ways to educate children about animals.  It should also be noted the zoo is in the flood zone.  If a disaster occurs, the animals will be locked in their cages and left to fend for themselves.        
          Cathy also tells us about the Taiji cove in Japan where dolphins migrate every year.  Traditionally, fishermen use nets to drive dolphins into the cove where the good ones are captured and the rest are slaughtered.   The practice has become a big political issue.  The documentary movie, The Cove, illustrates the issues and the protests.
          Link here to a 2003 letter from the Hawaii Attorney General to the Honolulu Zoological Society
          Link here to the Association of Zoos & Acquariums Accreditation Report
          Link here to Honolulu Charter Commission's REPORT OF THE FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATION
                                                                   OF THE PERMITTED INTERACTION GROUP ON THE PROPOSAL RELATED TO FUNDING FOR THE HONOLULU ZOO
          .A couple of years ago Carroll did stories about the death of Rosey, one of two hippopotamuses, during construction of the new water filtration system in the  hippopotamus habitat.  After spending close to three million dollars, the habitat has never been completed.  The second hippopotamus is now living, or being stored, behind a barrier around the old elephant habitat, and cannot be viewed by the public.   Link here to an article Bloomberg just published about zoos, quoting Carroll about the hippopotamus case.  Link here to the original story airing  on 8/17/14 and 8/24/14.  

          Animal Rights Hawaii was founded in 1977.  It is the oldest animal rights organization in the U.S.   Visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/Animal-Rights-Hawaii

          >The second hour Carroll talks about speaking out and respect, or lack of respect,  in America.    Donald Trump led the charge of disrespect for the presidency with his investigation and negative talk about the Obamas.  Now Trump is running for president to get back his country.   But, a football player is severely criticized, booed, and may lose his job for not standing during the Star Spangled Banner in protest.     How about dealing with the real issues of this country?  

          Carroll and a caller talk about the similarity between current politics and politics in the 1840's,  and what happened then.   Now is the time to  go forward and change for the better. Carroll also talks about the old Sprint Building, now the Kapalama Satellite City Hall,  by Costco and Honolulu Community College.  The state now leases the property for the DMV and other offices.   The parking lot  is a  "protective cap"  to cover seriously contaminated soil.   The state currently leases the property from Tradewind Dillingham,  the owner of the property.  Carroll asks if there could be a spreading plume of oil under the property, and if so, will it affect the rail project.   If there needs to be a cleanup, who will pay?     A caller notes the Kakaako area is built on an old rice paddy.   What is underneath the area now and will it support all the new development?  

          Final subject .  Has all the talk about Hepatitis A covered up the possibility of the Zika virus coming here, or that it is already here?   Why isn't the Department of Health talking about that?  Are they holding off informing the public because of President Obama's visit,  the ICUN World Conservation Congress currently in progress, and the fact that any talk will negatively impact the tourist trade?


                       Animal watching at the Honolulu Zoo  










              Rusti and Iris are the stars of the Honolulu Zoo in their big new home





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        They have been neutered or spayed, and they are litter box trained.   Now, all  they need is your love.  Who can resist a new kitten?


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