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   SUNDAY, August 20, 2017


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    August 20, 2017,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   

    Carroll  and guest Rod Tam, a former state senator, start the show with a discussion of  politics and racism in Hawaii.    Carroll wonders why there is not anything officially named or dedicated to former President Obama in Hawaii, especially since he is from Hawaii.    The second hour Carroll opens up discussion with callers.   One caller asks Rod Tam about lies from the government, the legislators, and the surveys regarding rail.     

    Carroll also talks about a big problem at the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout.   Busloads of tourists arrive at the lookout every day.    Buses and tourists are charged to park at the lookout.  Where is the parking money going?   Apparently, not to protect the Pali Lookout because there are not any rest rooms, and tourists are going into the bamboo to relieve themselves.  Talk about look out!   Link here to Carroll's Facebook page to see more pictures and a video of a walk through the woods.   Is the Pali Lookout a sacred place?    The Department of Land and Natural Resources is responsible for the problem, and the Hawaiian people do not seem to be concerned.    Link here to read about the historic Battle of Nu'uanu at the Pali Lookout that united the Hawaiian Islands, including more pictures and video.


    Watch out at the Lookout!  













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      To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     

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      Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on Olelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
      Link here to a list of his shows.  They can also be viewed on  Olelo video on demand.  


      Carroll is hosting a weekly show, Eyes on Hawaii,  on Thinktech Hawaii.  The show streams live every other Tuesday at 12 noon.   For the live stream, visit their website  at www.thinktechhawaii.com  

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