SUNDAY, August 14, 2011


      Carroll talks with Eric Ryan, who has an inside track on local politics.   They discuss the recent Ethics Commission confirmation of a complaint filed by Carroll Cox regarding Andrew Jamila, and how it is the tip of the iceberg of corruption in government.  Eric also tells us more about Tom Berg's "political actions and racist rants".  Bigotry appears to be common place and tolerated here in Hawaii politics and government.  (see our story about Rex Johnson).

      Why does government cost so much?   If you know the right people government money is yours for the taking, and Patty Teruya knows how!  She is the common thread running through all this.    If you follow the threads,  it is obvious how money can be manipulated and diverted.   Patty is connected to both the Leeward Coast Benefits Package (part of the Waimanalo Gulch landfill), and  the Waimanalo Construction Coalition (that received grants leading to Jamila's ethics violation).   Although, as an audit shows,  the Leeward Benefits Package  was mismanaged by Ernie Martin,; he is currently serving as chairman of the City Council.  Tom Berg is also connected to Patty.   He had, what he called  a "Two-Step Johnny Plan" to divert money to organizations that would help him get re-elected and help Patty keep her job.     Turns out, the first step of his plan was to raise fees for golf tee times for seniors.  

      Listen closely - Eric and Carroll tie it all together!

      Link here to read more about the Jamila ethics complaint.

      Last year Carroll interviewed Andrew Jamila before filing his ethics complaint.  Listen to the interview here.



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