SUNDAY, August 7, 2011




      To close the issue, Carroll reviews and summarizes his views on the Kymberly Pine /  Tom Berg /  Eric Ryan feud.    Eric Ryan is a master at political games, and that means dirty politics as well as getting the job done.  This includes bailing bosses out when they are reckless and get in over their heads.   That is why Councilman Tom Berg and Representive Kym Pine hired him to support their campaigns.  Emails, recordings and news stories show just how Tom and Kym play, and why they needed Eric to clean up their messes.    As demonstrated by past politicians, this illustrates a too common attribute of our political leaders.  After playing loose and dirty, when things went wrong Eric's bosses saw him as expendable.    Politics!       

      Tom Berg and Kymberly Pine claim to be Tea Partiers.  Why would they want to quit the Republican Party (and join the Democrats)  as alleged in various interviews and their own communications?    Listen and learn....

      What's happening at the Sand Island Treatment Plant?  There are many problems that could have been avoided.  Now we are stuck with a big stink.   Why aren't our politicians taking a closer look at this, and why isn't information shared with the public?  More to come .....

      Next Carroll discusses Aloun Farms with Attorney Steven Hisaka.    As we heard this week, federal prosecutors dropped their case against the Sou Brothers, owners of the farms, due to lack of evidence showing they did anything wrong.    Link here to the Aloun Family's statement.   

      Innocent until proven guilty?   Did they "get off"?   "Aloun Farms was in compliance with labor laws when they brought in the Thai workers.   Due to delays, the workers' visas expired after five months.  They tried to get an extension but faced more delays. The whole situation was caused by government bureaucracy and delays, but when a few workers filed complaints in an effort to stay here, the Sous were blamed for everything". Steven Hisaka tells the real story..............


      Fields ready to plant      -     Link here to more pictures.



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