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   SUNDAY, August 4, 2013

        Carroll's guest today is Rod Tam.   They continue the discussion about broken trucks and delayed trash pickup, with Rod providing insight into the politics, taxes, and other issues regarding trash.   They wonder why some condominiums and nonprofit churches get free pickup from the City and County, while others have to pay for services from private pickup companies. Owners of condominiums that have to pay for private pickup also pay the same property taxes that cover everyone else's pickup.    However,  nonprofits that do not pay taxes get free pickup.    Once again, where is fairness of services?  

        Carroll also notes that Rolloffs and other private haulers have to pay to dump their load at the landfill or H-power so Honolulu City and County makes money.

        Link here to Carroll's 7/14/13 story on delayed trash pickup.

         Note: Lori Kahikina, Director of Environmental Services said she would call in, but did not.  Apparently, she did not want to answer our questions.


        Rod Tam says, "What is right, is right."  He wants to help you with your issues and problems with government.   Call him at 216-5454.

        Carroll thanks his listeners for contacting him about their concerns for how the news media is not crediting Carroll for the numerous stories he researched and broke first on his radio show.   Later, when the stories were reported in the StarAdvertiser and on the TV news they did not mention that Carroll gave the reporters the background information and documentation he uncovered, discussed, and posted on this website.  However, Carroll notes he is just happy the stories turn into major discussions that may turn out for the good.  Recent stories given a high degree of exposure in various other media include the Hawaiian Home Lands'  issues, broken guardrails,and delayed trash pickup.







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