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   SUNDAY, July 30, 2017


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    July 30, 2017,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   

    Carroll asks what  the city and state are doing.   Over and over again he sees the same things happening.  Once again, he uses the defaulted Performance Systems, Inc. (PSI) contracts as an example.    PSI has a number of contracts to fix state infrastructure that they defaulted on, leaving partially finished.  Carroll  tells us there is no transparency to the contract process, citing the response he received from Marcus Owens, the Public Information Officer, after he requested information.  Although PSI defaulted on their contract to replace a bridge on the Waianae Coast, they were paid approximately $760,000 for completion of 5 percent of the work.   But all they did was start setting up the work site by putting a couple of trailers nearby and installing a dust barrier.    And, we were informed by Hawaii Modular, the company that owns the trailers, that PSI still owes money for use of the trailers.  The Department of Transportation (DOT) was notified the work had stopped on 3/29/17.   But, DOT said the work was bonded and it would be finished at a later date, so the public was never informed about the delay in work.   DOT also says the bridge is safe.   Does this look safe?       Other contractors with problems are also being reported, and this is just one of many projects where the work is not getting done.


    Carroll reads a letter from the owner of the home in Palolo that Carroll talked about last week.  The homeowner explains problems with water and sewage leaks.  The home had to be abandoned after the foundation cracked and the house started slipping.   PSI had a contract to fix the street in front of the house, and also defaulted on this project  after partially finishing the job.  

    Link to more pictures and talk about PSI, the bridge and the Palolo home on Carroll's show on 7/23/17.

    Link here to the Palolo story on HawaiiNewsNow, 7/26/17

    Link here to the bridge story on HawaiiNewsNow 7/27/17

    A caller talks about proposed DLNR rule, HAR 13-232, regarding elimination of cat colonies at the state's harbors.   The caller asks listeners opposed to the new rule to email their concerns to  dlnr.harreview@hawaii.gov before Friday, August 4.  Carroll discusses the big picture at DLNR and why this is another example of the problems at the agency.   There are so many bigger problems at the harbors, and the rest of the state, than cats at the harbors.   

    Link here to Carroll's discussion regarding cats on Eyes on Hawaii, 8/1/17

    For example,  this week Carroll received a call about fish dying in a stream in Maili.   The stream is red with some sort of chemical.  There are many other species besides fish and prawns using the stream to live.    Work is being done on the bridge over this stream, and that may have been the cause.   But, it could also be someone illegally dumping.    So, where are the game wardens and why aren't they taking care of this?   Carroll notes, Suzanne Case and her management practices are the problem.    He has talked about DLNR many times in the past and summarizes some of the points here.      










    Link to Carroll's facebook page to see more pictures and video of illegally dumped tires burning at the Kunia brush fire.    Responders were fighting a "brush fire", and did not expect, and were not prepared, to be exposed to chemicals from burning rubber. This is what thoughtless people, who dump all over Hawaii, expose our firemen, policemen, emergency workers, and the public to.  Take care.









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