SUNDAY, July 22, 2012



      Carroll talks with Dave Cannell, who tell the story of how it is to be sick and homeless, and how it happened to his family.   Dave and his wife, Evelyn, have been married for over 20 years  They started out with their own hopes and dreams, degrees and jobs.  Dave is now in a wheelchair and lives at the Next Step shelter in Kakaako.   His wife, Evelyn, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lives in a Kailua park, recently broke her hip and was taken to the hospital.  After hip surgery Evelyn tells us the hospital put her in a taxi and sent her back "home".   After the taxi dropped her off she had to scoot  around on the ground because the walker they provided does not work on grass.  Dave has a hard time visiting and helping her, and is in danger of getting kicked out of the shelter, because of the strict rules at the shelter.  (A caller also discusses the unfair shelter rules).   When Dave gets to the park he cannot get close to his wife because she lives on a raised cement pad that his chair cannot negotiate (see picture).

      Carroll points out that part of Dave's problem at the shelter may be because Senator Espero's son was given the job of running the Next Step shelter even though he did not have any experience or other qualifications to do so.  Eighteen other people also told Cox about their problems with the adverse conditions at the shelter.

                  Evelyn's home - pigeons eat her food while she cannot move



      The second hour Carroll talks about monk seals, turtles, politics and the environment with several callers.



        Evelyn cannot get around and washes her hair where she sits


        Dave cannot move his chair on to the cement pad

        Dave and Evelyn's son is also homeless


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