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   SUNDAY, July 21, 2013


        Carroll continues his story about a shortage of trash trucks and delayed pickups, telling us what happened when Rolloff Hawaii was contracted to pick up last Friday's trash on the following Tuesday.   

         Richard DeConti  calls in to tell us about a meeting he attended by the City Council Committee on Executive Affairs regarding  Bill 32 clarifying ethic laws for the company that runs TheBus.   Richard is concerned because It was suggested that TheBus and the HandiVan be placed under HART,  thus taking money from the van and bus for rail.  We were told this was going to happen.  

        Carroll then continues his story about the DLNR patrol boat sitting at a dock in the Ala Wai Harbor that has obviously not been used or moved for over a year.   Our story last week was picked up by KHON and KGMB news as DLNR was pulling the boat from the harbor (to hide it?).   DLNR has not responded to Carroll's request for information, and they gave reporters a number of excuses about the problem.  They told us it was decommissioned a year ago, but it still contained expensive law enforcement, electronic and navigation equipment, and the bottom was repainted with an anti-fouling paint, even though it did not need it.   The boat does not run, and there are laws about derelict vessels.  Apparently DLNR is exempt.

        Carroll tells us the boat may have been there to act as a decoy to make it look like DLNR is actually working.     Boaters  were made to feel DLNR has a "Boat Ready to Go" in case of emergency.   Another dangerous situation supported by the taxpayers.  Link here to pictures of what this boat really looks like.



        Something else you need to know. A worker for a company that had a contract to haul corn for a GMO company recently contacted us.   Allegedly, GMO corn was being hauled around in open trucks.  He told us some of  the corn fell off and was scattered on roadsides around the island.   Residue was also washed off at  an industrial site where the trucks were cleaned.   The GMO companies told us GMO corn is being contained, not let loose in the environment.  Apparently that is not true.








                                                                 Off Guard.   
                                                Here's the rail they should be working on.         

      Yesterday I was out photographing tropic birds nesting on cliffs between Hanama Bay and the infamous blow hole.   While walking along the highway I noticed large amounts of  rusty metal flaking off  guard rails that shield cars from dropping into the tide pools 100 ft below.     A thin, rusty rail is all that is left between you and the cliffs.   This is a heavily traveled road - by tourists and residents alike.   This could be a shovel-ready project if someone goes over the cliff!     Is the Hawaii Dept. of Transportation placing safety first?  They need to fix this immediately.  

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