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   SUNDAY, July 20, 2014


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        Carroll  talks about campaigning in Hawaii, including Governor Abercrombie's taxicab campaign  commercial and Senator Inouye still running our politics.   He also discusses the need for a new administration and, in particular, the need to replace managers of the State of Hawaii Department of Health and Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).    Carroll notes they are  currently operating in cover-up mode instead of taking care of many obvious, and not so obvious violations.  

        The second hour gubernatorial candidate David Ige joins Carroll in the studio to talk about a number of issues including the State Health Department and DLNR.   Because our resources are important to the visitor industry, Ige notes the DLNR is one of the most important departments.   Ige says,  "If you have rules and regulations, you must enforce them."    Ige wants to address the bigger picture concerning all state agencies, with everyone working together, understanding the focus on public service and the community, and doing more for less.    Strong leadership is needed.   Ige emphasizes using existing resources and injecting new ideas to make things better.   Public access to information is important so the public can see the government is protecting the public health and safety.  Ige also talks about the homeless, GMOs, rail, honeybees, and other species.  He also notes kapuna care is an important issue for Hawaii.  

        David Ige tells us, failure to execute is the biggest problem in our executive branch.  He is running because he feels the state is heading in the wrong direction and he wants to set it right.  






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