SUNDAY, July 15, 2012



      Carroll's guests are Jeffrey and Kerena Vegas, who own a home sitting on land leased from Bishop Estate. They tell us their home has been flooded four times, and talk about the problems they are having with Bishop Estate while trying to fix it.   In the interview they allege that, for over five years they have been asking Bishop Estate to find and fix the problem but nothing has been done to help.  Mr. and Mrs. Vegas allege they are being treated unfairly by Bishop Estate and are now protesting a number of issues, including a pending eviction.  

      The family says they are devastated by the problems, and are asking you to tell Bishop Estate to "make things pono with the Vegas Ohana".   DeOccupy Honolulu is supporting their cause by erecting tents and demonstrating on the sidewalk in front of Bishop Estate offices at Kawaiahao Plaza.  (See more pictures here.)    

      For more information, contact the Vegas family at 226-4786.  They are also asking you to sign their petition at www.change.org.     




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