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   SUNDAY, July 14, 2013


        Carroll's topic of the day is TRASH.     It's not being picked up on time.  Large trash bins at condo and apartment complexes, some sitting next to people's front doors, contain  rotten, stinking  trash that is not being picked up on schedule.    The reason -  there are not enough front loading garbage trucks in service to do the job.   While Mayor Caldwell is on TV staging bulky trash pickup, and other trucks are picking up our homeless citizens' possessions,  the standard service is being neglected.  Reportedly, there are seven front loaders on the island, but only two are working.    Workers are paid overtime to pick up trash at a later date, costing the city even more money.  Trash is another big issue that needs to be taken seriously and taken care of now.    Link here for more on the story.

        Carroll then continues his discussion about the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.   Not only is Oahu having problems with staff shortages,  meter readings, billing, and estimates,  the BWS also provides billing services to Kauai and Maui.  They, too, are affected by the same problems.  Carroll sent questions to the Maui and Kauai water departments but has not received answers.  However, the next day a short story appeared in the StarAdvertiser notifying the residents of Kauai that they, too, would get adjusted bills.  To add insult to injury, it looks like their bills do not include the $7 per month processing fee Oahu residents pay.  We are asking whether the Board of Water Supply service to Kauai and Maui affects service on Oahu.  Link here for the questions and responses we received from the Honolulu BWS.  We have not received a response from Kauai or Maui.

        The second hour Carroll talks about racial issues.  He then continues his discussion about problems with Hawaiian Home Lands, particularly with leases, permits and violations.   Are some people getting special treatment and privileges?   Apparently not the native Hawaiians....

        Finally, he points out another big waste of money.  The DLNR spent thousands of dollars fixing their patrol boat, but apparently it isn't going anywhere.    It literally has a tree growing out of its engine!   We hope to get to the root of the problem....


                                                                   A  tree grows on an idle boat.






                                             Something stinks!