SUNDAY, July 8, 2012



      The first hour Carroll talks with personal injury attorney Jan Weinberg.    They talk about the business of personal injury lawsuits, tort reforms, costs, settlements and the jury system.  

      Mr. Weinberg can be contacted at 523-9477.    He provides a free, informal case evaluation and may be able to help, or recommend another lawyer who can.   Weinberg advises there is a 2-year statute of limitations on injury cases in Hawaii.    

      The second hour Carroll talks about problems at the Department of Community Services and issues regarding City Councilman Ernie Martin, who worked at the department before his election to the City Council.    Allegations have been made that Community Services personnel sorted through and shredded documents pertaining to an audit that may involve Martin.  Information was brought to our attention alleging Sam Moku, head of Community Services, and his staff, are shredding and hiding documents from the view of HUD.  That agency is currently conducting audits of HUD-funded city housing programs and the Leeward Community Benefit Package.

      Carroll also discusses cronyism and nepotism within Martin's City Council staff.   He tells us one of Martin's  staff members, convicted for drug smuggling and trafficking, is now Martin's campaign treasurer, freely roaming City Hall.    Carroll researched records, tying names and organizations of Martin's friends together and, in the process, finding false addresses on the record.   Carroll found that  friends Martin Han and Rose Martinez,  tied to a nonprofit organization - Kapuna and Keiki Services,  are now running for City Council and State House seats.   It should also be noted that Mayor Carlisle kept  this "circle of  Martin's friends", who were originally part of the Hannemann administration, employed,  and allowed Martin to bring in more of his  friends from outside city government.   Seems like Martin is building his own contingency in City Hall.

      To fix the system, we need to be vigilant as citizens, ask questions, and report problems. Carroll asks the public to call the attorney general and ask for an investigation.  




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