SUNDAY, July 1, 2012



      The first hour Carroll and his guest, Dr. Thomas Loudat, discuss the pros of cons of going solar.  Dr. Loudat, a former UH economist, conducted an impact analysis of solar credits.  Contrary to recent opinions, he disproves the claim and shows  that solar is not  "the poor subsidizing the rich". He believes  tax credits will have a positive benefit to Hawaii,  improving the long -term economic viability of the investment, and returning dollars to the economy as homeowners spend their savings on other items.     

      The second hour Carroll talks with Don Persons,  a realtor with an office in Waikiki's Eaton Square,  about the improper disposal of cyanide and other chemicals  by a jewelry company located above his office.  Because the city, the state, and the EPA failed to follow up and take corrective action,  multiple plaintiffs are now filing lawsuits, claiming to be sickened or injured by chemicals dumped into the drains and documented by the City and County of Honolulu.   

      After noticing leaks from drain pipes above his office,  the pipes were replaced.  Six months later they started leaking again.  After another inspection, they found the new pipes were already corroded.    The inspectors suspect the corrosion was caused by cyanide acid, used to manufacture gold jewelry,  was being poured down the drain as a waste product by the jewelry company located immediately above Person's  office.   Also, workers in the building reported approximately 200 pigeons died in the immediate area.  They attribute their deaths to gases released from a vent coming from the jewelry shop.  The vent is located about 20 feet above the entrance to Eaton Square, where many people pass it by.    Also, lab test from a catchment tank found 38 mg/l of cyanide, while the local limit is 1.90 mg/l.   (See below pictures showing vent location and catchment tank).   

      Location of vent coming from jewelry business

      Tank water flows into before going into city drain

      Reports recovered from city and state files show conflicting statements regarding  the disposal of chemicals. Under oath, the owner finally admitted to dumping chemicals down the drain.  Even after people were injured, the government agencies did not do a complete inspection  or provide information to victims who may now be suffering from serious health problems.  The real estate office had to be abandoned because of injuries to its workers.    

      On Friday, 6/29, after Carroll contacted the state, they finally sent someone out to initiate an investigation. Carroll is now asking the public to contact Governor Abercrombie and Mayor Carlisle, and let them know their agencies are not doing their job.


        Beautiful on the outside, but w hat's on the inside and why isn't our government  doing anything about it?


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