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   SUNDAY, June 30, 2013


        Carroll talks about government and abuse of power.   First up is Choon James, talking about the City and County of Honolulu's effort to seize private property in Hau'ula by eminent domain for a fire station.  She claims the City and County also removed signs from property partially owned by her.

        Richard  DeConti reports back on the  League of Women Voters' rail transit forum he attended on 6/29, that we talked about during our show last week.  

        NOAA has been in the news lately with several controversial policies, including proposed federal shark finning laws that will undermine Hawaii and other state laws.    Carroll renames NOAA "National Organization Against Animals" and tells us why.  Carroll has spent many years, putting himself in danger while documenting and collecting evidence about sharkfinning.  On several occasions he gave large volumes of evidence to the NMFS, but violators were never prosecuted.  Now he knows why.  Carroll recently learned NOAA was protecting their federally managed shark fisheries, as disclosed by Mr. Michael Tosatto. Mr.Tosatto,  NOAA's regional manager, said the bill is being proposed because "shark fin laws MAY be having an adverse effect on  federally managed fisheries."       Link here to the original shark fin story on Envirowatch.org.  Link here to proposed bill.   Sharks are one of the apex species in the ocean and critical to the ecosystem.  Call Governor Abercrombie at 586-0034, or email gov.abercrombie@hawaii.gov, to save the sharks.

        Carolyn Golojuch calls in about the Supreme Court decision to overturn DOMA.







                                                                  A basket full of fins.  Where's the shark!

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