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   SUNDAY, June 29, 2014


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        Carroll's guest is Ron Kang, a retired worker from Kamehameha Schools.  He discusses the landfill/illegal dump recently reported on the Kapalama campus of Kamehameha Schools. Link here to the report on Hawaii NewsNow earlier this week.    

        Kang tells us the dump has been there 19 years.    At first it was used for organic material culled from the campus, but over the years it got bigger and included material that may be detrimental or cause damage to the environment.    Dumped materials also started blocking drainage and a nearby stream.  Then Kang started noticing refrigerators and other appliances going over the side.    He also noticed a pile of logs stored beside the dumpsite was gone.  Apparently they, too, were thrown over the edge.  The logs included mahogany and other good wood  used for student crafts.  

        Not only does the dump threaten the school and the children, it is a threat to homes in the surrounding area.  Watershed management is a major issue.  Why has this been allowed to go on for so long?   Kang tells us school management knows about the dump and they are the ones condoning use of it.  Carroll asks, why aren't they sending the material to the Waimanalo Gulch landfill where they can dump for free.    Once the situation is reported to the authorities, the authorities, such as the Hawaii Department of Health, need to act.   Let's hope that happens.

        This is a school.  What kind of example are they showing the children?    


        Some photographs we received:     Link here for more.


        Carroll  has also received information from school workers reporting about 200 people may be layed off when their jobs are contracted out to Flik Compass Group.  The workers also claim, when this happens they may also lose their benefits and retirement.  Workers include cooks, food service workers,  gardeners, and carpenters.    Once again, corporations make money and workers lose.

        Last week we talked about homeless in Kakaako.  Link here to Carroll's facebook page where he has posted more pictures, and a poem he wrote about the situation.



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