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   SUNDAY, June 23, 2013


        Carroll, Kaui Councilmember Gary Hooser, and Fern Rosenstiel,  director of Ohana O' Kaua'i, discuss proposed Bill 2941 regarding excessive use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms.     This bill is for the "right to know" what types, and the quantity,  of  chemicals being applied to experimental crops on Kauai.  Kauai is concerned about large companies, such as Syngenta, BASF, Pioneer (a DuPont subsidiary) and Dow AgroSciences, conducing experimentation and GMO seed development on a large scale on Kauai.  People are concerned, but cannot get answers about what "restricted use" pesticides are being sprayed in open environments around their homes, schools and work places.     Why can't they tell us?

        For more information, link to:
        1.  Press Release  - a summary of the issue
        2.   Bill 2941
        3.  Website - www.stoppoisoningparadise.org.   


        The second hour Carroll talks with Dr. Kioni Dudley about the Ewa Development Plan and the Hoopili Project.  One of the questions is 'will there be enough water to support so many new homes on the Ewa plain?"   A review meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, at 7 p.m,, in the Kapolei High School cafeteria.  It will also be broadcast live on O'lelo Channel 54.  

        Pearl Johnson,  Chair of the Planning and Transportation Committee of the League of Women Voters, announces a forum and panel discussion next Saturday, June 29,  at Washington Middle School,  at 10 a.m.   Discussion is about what will happen to the city budget when rail is in operation.    Transit is currently 10% of the city budget, but is estimated to be 19% when rail is in place.  However, this is based on an "assumption" of ridership.    Rail cannot operate without buses, but buses are being cut back now.  There is not a lot of parking  planned for the rail stations and we are told express buses will be cut to force people onto the trains.  The city wants people to take buses to get to the stations at both ends of their journey.  How long will that journey take?

        Carroll also talks about how we have been indoctrinated to "TRUST" our government, while it  does whatever it wants and only tells us whatever it wants us to know.







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