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   SUNDAY, June 22, 2014


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         Today's show is about being homeless in Hawaii.  

        It's not only the street thieves who take their stuff, the city can pick up belongings at any time of the day or night.  They sneak up on the target area (aka "government operation zone") and take everything in sight. The homeless have a couple of minutes to pick up their ID and medicine, then are forced out of the area.  They are not allowed to take anything else.   All other items are confiscated and are very hard to get back.   The city crew even took a baby's milk!    The guest tells how she lost her laptop and camera, and was left only with the clothes on her back.    She must go through an administrative hearing, defending why she should get her things back.   Then, the city has 120 days to give the items back, but many items are not  even tagged and items of value often disappear.   And, if they take your ID you do not have a chance of getting anything back.  Even work tools are taken, so the homeless can no longer work their way off the street.  The guest tells how the city's team picking up items treats it like a game, seeing how much they can pick up as they harass the homeless.   

        This is America.

        We asked  Mayor Caldwell to be on our show but only received a short response citing their laws (see attached).

        Attorney Brian J. Brazier has a lawsuit pending regarding city Bills54 and Bill 7 that allow the city to conduct this activity.  The suit claims the laws are unconstitutional.  The manner of their enforcement,  particularly in the area of due process and search and seizure, violate every citizen's rights.  Mr. Brazier can be reached at 808-922-2032.  He also suggests searching YouTube, using "honolulu homeless raid" for videos showing how the city conducts itself.  

        The second hour Jeff Davis, host of the radio show "The Solar Guy" on KGU 760 AM,  calls in.  He has a tent in Kakaako where he invites celebrities to spend a night sleeping with the homeless so they can actually see the face of the homeless.    Hopefully his guests will help persuade the city and state to change their ways.     






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