SUNDAY, June 19, 2011


      The first hour Carroll talks with Keith Rollman about sustainability projects and, in particular, tipping fee discounts for automobile scrap residue (ASR) set up to encourage car recyclers during the 90's when there was only a small profit in the business.  Scrap metal is now worth millions and the city council passed Bill 47 to end tipping discounts that just put more profit in the recycler's pockets.  It should be noted, outer islands ship their cars to Oahu for recycling, and their ASR is also put into Oahu's already full landfill, with the discount being paid by Oahu's taxpayers!  Recyclers now have Bill 36, waiting for the mayor's signature, to reinstate the discount.   With so many other things that need fixed, why should we be paying for this?  

      Read about  other sustainable projects at greenbydesignhawaii.wordpress.com, or for more information contact Keith at 358-3414

      The second hour Carroll talks with Pearl Johnson from the League of Women Voters, and Dr. Kioni Dudley from Friends of Makakilo, about the rail project - our train to nowhere. Why does it end in the middle of ag land and not the proposed UH campus or the Kapolei shopping  areas?   Why limited or no park and ride facilities?    They highlight problems and inconsistencies  with the EIS and other studies that are supposed to validate the project, including the use of valuable agriculture land on the Ewa plain.  When the people voted on rail the cost was 3.6 billion - it is now over 5.6 billion.  Really, are we still for rail if it costs that much?   The League of Women Voters and  the Friends of Makakilo are now a part of a lawsuit against the project.

      There will be a demonstration to save our farmland on 6/30/11.  Call Kioni at 672-8888, or the League of Women voters at 531-7448, website lwv-hawaii.com,  for more information.  




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