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   SUNDAY, June 16, 2013


          Carroll talks about problems at the Board of Water Supply.  He starts with a discussion of who is on the board,  who appointed them, and what are their qualifications.     He continues with what the Board of Water Supply is saying about the constant water main breaks, estimated billing, and raised rates.  He then asks good questions about how BWS operates, its mismanagement  issues, and who authorized  the large number of estimated water bills sent out  in place of fixing water meters.

          A caller asks for quality management, good customer service,  and doing it right the first time.

          What is happening to the money we pay on our water bill?  If this continues, a lot of us are going to be hit hard.   Let's ask for an independent audit now before it's too late.

          Link here to  questions and information we would like to receive from the Board of Water Supply.   

          Link here to read Carroll's editorial  regarding the Board of Water Supply published in the StarAdvertiser, June 16, 2013.



                                                      BWS makes it complicated.








                               Spouting  again!

                           BWS  workers on the job - another broken main.

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