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   SUNDAY, June 8, 2014



        .Carroll's guest is beekeeper Howard McGinnis.   It is the time of year bees swarm.  If you see a swarm, call someone immediately, such as the University of Hawaii, the Department of Agriculture, or a beekeeper.  Howard McGinnis can be reached at 258-7296 and will even pick up the bees for free!    Howard tells us not to try to spray the bees.  It will only scatter them, making it harder to gather them up for removal.     

        Recently a couch containing a hive was left by the roadside in Moanalua.  Pedestrians walked into the road to avoid the swarming bees. When bulky item workers tried to pick up the couch, several workers were stung.   If someone had called a beekeeper, the problem could have been avoided and the bees saved.  For more information on how to report bee swarms,  and to buy some natural honey, Howard's  website is nalo-meli.com.  



        The second hour Carroll talks about the death penalty being illegal in Hawaii.   However, a soldier convicted of murdering his daughter on Scofield Barracks is eligible for the death penalty because the crime was on federal property.   State Senator Will Espero, Chairman of the Public Safety Committee,  is now calling for reinstatement of the death penalty in Hawaii when a child is the victim.   Nationally the movement is toward reviewing death row cases, and we are seeing many people who were falsely accused of crimes they did not commit, finally freed from jail after spending many years on death row.    A caller wants the death penalty, explaining it will deter crime even if a person may be proved innocent at a later date.   Unfortunately there is a disparity in the application of the death penalty and the system is seriously flawed.     Even the caller agrees officials are lying to us on many levels.   Another caller says it depends on the circumstances of the crime.    Murder is murder.    Is it more of a crime to kill a child than a prostitute?  This is a controversial issue that needs some serious thought.




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