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   SUNDAY, June 2, 2013


          Carroll  and guests Jack De Feo and Al Frenzel discuss the upcoming "Makaha Bridges Replacement Project", with plans to upgrade the portion of Farrington Highway that cuts through the middle of Makaha Beach Park.   The community is requesting the highway be rebuilt around the park to make the full park usable.   It also needs to be moved due to problems of erosion from high surf and other ecological issues   The state says one of the reasons they cannot reconsider the plan is because the bridges are about to collapse and they need to start immediately, even though one of the bridges was rebuilt in 2006 and there are other state bridges in worse condition.   

          Beach parking and the comfort station are across the highway from the beach without adequate pedestrian safety  measures in place.    A food truck often parks in the lot attracting  children who do not pay attention to highway traffic. The speed limit is 45 mph, but cars go much faster than that. It is an extremely dangerous situation.          

          The state is resisting the community's request for a hearing, and their lack of transparency is both typical and appalling.   State Senator Maile Shimabukuro, the area's representative, is not providing help or supporting the community.    Kymberly Pine wants to do a feasibility study, but it has already been done with the recommendation of rebuilding the road mauka of the park to avoid high surf conditions.   Even William Aila, former activist and now head of the Department of Land and  Natural Resources,  is not stepping up for the community.   When politicians are in the "go along to get along"  mode, deals, money, and corruption, are what is important, and environmental justice is lost.   Carroll says, "Even if you are treated as unimportant, do not vote as if you are unimportant."   It is time to stand up and show you count.  There are more of us then there are of them!  Put aside your differences and start participating in what you care for.

          Al  and Jack are requesting your support, saying:

          "On May 16th Governor Abercrombie officially responded to our proposal and requests for modifying the Makaha Bridges Replacement Project.  His response was to tell us that he forwarded our requests to the Hawaii Department of Transportation for them to "report back to you [us] directly, as appropriate".  Unfortunately, the HDOT is where the problem and stubbornness lies - so we expect no change in the project and we are only a few short months away from groundbreaking.

          We are left with few options, including more requests to the Governor, legal actions that are expensive, and active protesting.  Malama Makaha proposes to take supporters to the Governor's office at the Capitol Building and submit their petition and a written call for his reconsideration of their earlier requests.  However, Malama Makaha will only do this if they can coordinate a reasonably sized group of peaceful supporters.  If you are sincerely interested and able to participate, please send Malama Makaha an email."   Visit their website,  www.malamamakaha.com   for more information,  view a map of the area, and sign a petition.

          Lots of good information  on today's show.   Be sure to listen!

          Carroll notes the Honolulu StarAdvertiser did not cover the  Hawaii Pride Parade and Festival yesterday in  Waikiki.   Not only is this is a major community event,  it is about civil rights for all. This is a big issue and needs everyone's attention and support.    Link here for pictures of the parade.






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