SUNDAY, May 1, 2011


      Carroll talks with  Matthew Schwartz, Executive Director of the South Florida Wildlands Association.  The topic is nuclear power plants, and in particular the proposed expansion of  Florida Power and Light's Turkey Point Power Plant in south Florida - near the ocean, the Everglades, and a large population center.     On 4/30/11 citizens protested its expansion from 2 to 4 generators, with even more high-voltage power lines crisscrossing the area.  Not only that, there are more than  two million pounds of spent nuclear fuel already piled up on the shores of Biscayne Bay, a disaster ready to happen.  To weigh in on FPL's license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, send comments to hearingdocket@nrc.gov     

      They also discuss other effects of development, agriculture and alien species on wildlife in the Everglades, Big Cyprus Reserve, and Keys.     How do politics effect necessary development, and how can people effect fair development of an area?   For more information visit   www.southfloridawild.org   or send  email to  southfloridawild@yahoo.com  

      Between warm water discharge from power plants, sewage pumped into the ocean, ferry service, invasive species, loss of coral,  tourism,  fishing,  etc,  Florida's issues are similar to Hawaii's.  Listen to our show and find out what's going on.



     Turkey Point Nuclear Facility, Biscayne Bay, Florida


    The Protest



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