SUNDAY, April 29, 2012



      Carroll's guests are  Wes Nakama and Jason Ubay from AAJA - the Asian American Journalists Association.  They discuss the very moving documentary film  "Vincent Who?", to be screened Tuesday, May 1,  2012,  from 5 to 7 pm  at the downtown Laniakea YWCA, Fuller Hall. There will be a panel discussion with the film maker before and after the show.    

      Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was beaten to death in 1982 following his bachelor party, because of his race.  His last words - "It isn't fair."    His killers got probation and a fine, and similar incidents repeat themselves today.   Tickets are available at www.ywcaoahu.org/vincentwho. Check out the movie trailer at www.vincentwhomovie.com.   Learn more about AAJA at www.aaja.org.   




        We found medical waste in a Waipahu stream.  
        Also, a lot of other trash, shopping carts, etc.   
         Why do we keep doing this?


        A picture of health

        An aku'u tries to cope


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          Jason Ubay,of Hawaii Business Magazine, and Wes Nakama are on the air in KWAI's studio


          Note:  Station KWAI 1080 was unavailable from 8-9 am today, so our show only aired for one hour.  Thank you to our many listeners who tuned in, and called in, at 9 am.  We really appreciate your support!