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   SUNDAY, April 28, 2013


          Carroll talks politics, musical chairs, police states, corruption, entitlements, and losing control of our politicians.         

          What happened to the Ko'Olina boat ramp?  It still hasn't been rebuilt.  Carroll brings you up to date on the situation, including why Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, then a state representative for the area, did nothing to help the fishermen who lost local access to the ocean at Ko'Olina.   It should be noted that she lived in Ko'Olina at the time and received special favors from Jeff Stone.    Now it is against the law to access city and state beaches one hour after sunset,  blocking many fishermen from night fishing and citizens from using parks.  Sandra, Dennis and other callers tell us about their experiences and concerns.    For more information, contact Dennis at lawaia49@hotmail.com.

          Last week Carroll talked about the loss of bees in Hawaii.  Next week he will be talking with experts on the national level about what is happening on the mainland. Alicia Scott from New Mexico, and Dave Hunter from Washington state will be leading the discussion.  You can call  Alicia at 978-254-7428 with questions or comments.  Google "pollination support movement" for more information.     





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