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   SUNDAY, April 20, 2014



        Carroll  and callers discuss the state of homelessness in Hawaii, and the lack of real solutions.   A homeless person calls in to tell us how circumstances and other people make it so hard to move ahead.    Another caller questions why the homeless cannot get ahead on their own.    A caller notes people have lost the old Hawaiian way of taking care of the land and the people.    Another caller talks about 160 people being evicted from Hawaiian Homelands in Waianae.  The caller says the problem is political, and solutions are not being considered.    Apparently evictions from Hawaiian Homelands are becoming a big problem on the west side.   More people on the streets, and no solution in sight.

        The second hour Carroll talks about a suit filed against personnel at the Department of Hawaiian Homelands.  (Listen to our previous shows about  DHHL over the past few months.)    Callers urge people to call their local commissioners,  and Governor Abercrombie who appointed the commissioners, to fix the problems.  Visit the DHHL website for information about their activities.  




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