SUNDAY, April 15, 2012



      Carroll's guests are Dr. Hector Valenzuela from the University of Hawaii and Dr. Phil Bereano from the University of Washington.  They discuss issues regarding GMO,  particularly the lack of labeling on products.  They suggest you look for organic products if you do not want GMO.   Five of six global companies are field testing crops in Hawaii including chemical manufacturers Monsanto, Dupont and Dow.  Reasons for testing in Hawaii include - isolation, political atmosphere, and extended growing seasons.  A particular point of concern is cross pollination and contamination of other crops.   A caller claims the use of GMO corn raises the price of ethanol in gas, and is fed to cows and chickens which may be causing problems in other areas.   

      See Attached document:  "Financial Audit of GMO Money Blocking a GMO Labeling Bill".   Find out what your legislator received.

      Attend a STOP GMO Event Monday, 4/16, 6-8PM at UH - see attached


      Carroll also continues his discussion of what's happening politically in Nanakuli and the Waianae coast - particulary  regarding Kimo Kelii, Tom Berg, Kimberly Pine, Eric Ryan,  and others.   Carroll provides insight into the character of people running for office and working "behind the scenes".       He also reminds us of problems during Hannemann's administration, including ethics violations, and the mishandling of sewage spills, solid waste, rail, and other city affairs.   What will happen in Washington?   There are alternatives - please consider carefully.




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