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   SUNDAY, April 14, 2013


          Carroll  starts with a discussion about the proposed bill  to define  "journalists" eligible for protection under the news media "shield" law.   The legislators wants to rewrite the law so it will not shield online reporters, bloggers and other "nontraditional" journalists from disclosing sources.    

          A caller starts a discussion about how our government controls media reporting of where our tax money is going, including an example of how the rail project was initiated and is now being controlled by big government.

          The second hour Carroll talks about Chuck Totto and the Ethics Commission, and how they "unhook the big fish".    He also talks more about how the Board of Water Supply operates.  Carroll asked questions about meter reading, estimated billing and their new computer system.  He received "answers"  that gloss over the real issues  (see attached for questions and answers).     Why does it cost $7 to produce a bill?  Why are some customers receiving huge one-time bills following a period of estimated bills?  With all we pay, why are there so many water main breaks?   Why can't we reach customer service?    Link here for information about your water meter.

          A caller talks about how this relates to pothole problems.

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