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   SUNDAY, April 7, 2013



          Carroll, Calvin Griffin, and Tina Quizon continue the discussion about the treatment of veterans in Hawaii, giving the example of the treatment of women housed in the U.S. Vets facility at the YWCA in Honolulu.   There is a lack of checks and balances in the administration, and anything can happen.   Tina has filed complaints about the facility, including security of medical and other personal records, use of vehicles, and serving out-of-date meat, drinks and other food.   She has not received an answer to her concerns.    A caller says he also did not receive any consideration when filing grievances and how hopeless it is.   Calvin talks about what he learned from others at the facility, and the shortage of staff and backlog of medical claims for injured vets in Hawaii.

          Watch Calvin's next show about veterans and politics on O'lelo public television, channel 54 on May 11, 2013.

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