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   SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2019


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    March 31, 2019,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  

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    Carroll talks with Nathan Kau, retired Honolulu Board of Water Supply meter reader, about the automatic meter readers (AMR) being installed by the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) to upgrade their billing system.   Kau tells us, approximately one-third of the new meters used during a recent test period did not work or were incorrect, but "BWS blamed the meter readers for the problem, not the actual equipment."    Mr. Kau also tells us, BWS bought the meters even though, during initial testing before the purchase, many of the meters failed.   

    Kau first tells us how manual meter reading works. They physically read each meter,  enter entries into their notebooks, and do the math. Although "errors occurred, it was less than 2 percent."   They read 300 to 400 meters a day, and supervisors would randomly check the readings to make sure the work was good.  Kau also notes, he has been chased by dogs and bitten six times.   Also, meters are sometimes on busy roads, which present additional dangers.  

    Based on this, the new, automated drive-by meters seem to be a good idea, but apparently, "the error rate is up to 35 percent."    If something doesn't look right, the meter reader has to look at the meter, document issues, and report them to the office.   This adds even more work to their day.   Then, someone has to go back and re-read the meter,  fix it,  and estimate the reading for the customer.    

    Kau then tells us the automated meters are read by computers in the meter reader's car, and the meter reader is supposed to monitor the computer while driving!    Not all meters are picked up by the computer.    Kau recommends customers should read their meter every time they get a bill.  The comparison should be close.  Billing is by the 1000 gallons.  

    Kau is particularly concerned AMR problems are blamed on the meter reader, not the system.   There are also a number of other issues regarding the hiring and treatment of workers at the BWS.    The HGEA union has filed a complaint against  Mayor Caldwell, the Board of Water Supply and others.   



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