SUNDAY, March 25, 2012



      Carroll's guest is Esther Kia'aina, running to represent Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.   She discusses her position on economic opportunity for small businesses, social and environmental issues, women's rights and right to choose, same-sex marriage, affordable housing, taxes, rail, and health care.   Callers ask questions and comment on a broad range of topics.  

      Ms. Kia'aina knows her way around Washington, having worked there for twenty years. She started as an intern for Senator Inouye in 1986.  She worked nine years for Senator Akaka, then served as Chief of Staff for Guam Congressman Robert Underwood and after that, Congressman Ed Case.  This provided governmental administrative experience, particularly in getting laws passed.  She then returned to Hawaii to work for Kamehameha Schools and OHA.   

      Although she does not have name recognition, Esther Kia'aina is well-qualified to serve in congress.  Check out her website, www.kiaaina.com.     

      Ms. Kia'aina's headquarters is at Ward Warehouse, 2nd floor.  Her phone number is 591-2012.   She is asking for your support to help get her message out.  Please pass this link on so others like you can  make informed decisions.

      Carroll also discusses the practice of DOBAR employees holding two jobs.  Do the jobs have overlapping hours?    He also talks about a person breaking the line to get a catamaran permit while others have long waits, and gives several other examples of alleged wrong-doing.   Looks like corruption may be running rampant, but we are still waiting for answers to our questions.  More next week.



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